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Pebbledashing is also known in some regions as dry dash or dry dashing, roughcasting, and harling. Roughcasting in its earliest form can be traced back to Roman times, and generally involved mixing stones, pebbles or shells in a lime mortar mix before applying in a rough finish to the underlying wall. Pebble dashing is a later technique in which the pebbles are hurled at the mortar whilst it is still wet. Preparing walls and applying the mortar coat in just the right way is clearly a highly specialised technique, as is hurling the pebbles accurately to achieve an even coverage.

In England, pebbledashing in its modern form dates from the late 19th century. It became prominent immediately postwar when there was an urgent need to build, upgrade and repair large numbers of houses. This was a time of austerity - there was a shortage of quality bricks, and scarce energy resources meant higher prioritisation of thermal efficiency. More recently, the availability of a wider range of colours and textures, and the development of modern materials such as stainless steel drip bars has made it possible to achieve a wide variety of finishes that can look good for decades.

Done properly, with thorough preparation and skilful application, a pebbledash finish is one of the most effective exterior wall coatings, it can enhance the appearance of a property, and last a lifetime.

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