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Loft Insulation

An uninsulated loft space (the area at the top of a house, directly under the roof) will let around a quarter of a home’s heat escape.

Loft insulation involves, quite simply, lining the floor of your loft with a highly thermally-efficient insulation material. The loft insulation can either be rolled out in a layer or blown as loose material onto the floor space. The recommended depth of insulation is 270mm.

It is one of the easiest methods of improving home energy efficiency. Installed in just a couple of hours, it can reduce your heating bills by around £145 per year. With these type of savings possible, the cost of installation will pay for itself time and time again. It also reduces the amount of C02 emitted into the atmosphere.

Stud Wall Insulation

Various foil insulation products are used alone or in conjunction with conventional insulation in your home or buildings stud walls. When installed Celotex insulation provides extra protection against radiant heat gain and loss.

Benifts of Celotex insulation in Stud Walls

  • Effective in extreme temperatures-both hot and cold
  • Strong, clean, lightweight and flexible
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing equipment
  • Cuts and installs easier than fiberglass
  • Reflects 97% of Radiant Heat
  • Easily stapled, nailed or glued into place
  • Waterproof, Non absorbent surface will not promote mold/fungi

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