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Exceptional Drylining,
Plastering, Rendering
and Screeding


by Teevan Plastering

This term relates to the securing of plasterboards over stud walls, blockwork  & ceilings using screws on timber or adhesive on masonry (Dot + Dab).

Once drylined the area can be skimmed with plaster.

Dry lining uses plasterboard fixed to the walls & is therefore a relatively dry process, which can be decorated shortly after completion.

Dry lining can be taped & jointed using special paper tape or it can be skim coated.

by Teevan Plastering

All aspects of internal and external plastering. Internally there are 2 main systems for plastering onto blockwork  walls.

1st is the Hardwall system which is a two coat application. The plaster made by British Gypsum has been formulated to suit a variety of backgrounds and can be used in all types of buildings from new build to refurbishment.

2nd is a more traditional but less frequently used method of sand and cement backing coat. This method can also be used on the same backgrounds, but can provide a waterproof barrier.


by Teevan Plastering

Traditional sand and cement screeds provide a hard wearing surface that can be used in many areas including ground floor concrete slabs, suspended floors, block and beam floors and over insulation to give acoustic and thermal properties. All our pumped screeds contain fibre reinforcement .


Liquid Screed –  Also known as flow screed  is ideal for underfloor heating systems. There are many different products to suit your requirements. 


• Gyvlon Floor Screed   • Gyvlon Eco   • Gyvlon Thermio

• Gyvlon XT  • Gyvlon Soundbar   • Gyvlon Excelio

And many more . . .

Our rendering finishes include:


• Traditional sand and cement smooth render.

​• Pebbledash.

​• Tyrolean.

​• Monocouche

​• K-rend


by Teevan Plastering

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